Thursday, January 29, 2009


Sometimes you need to forget what you want
& remember what you deserve.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Break A Leg

Abbas bajet nk majal aku tadi, endup dia yg kena majal, bahaha.

Abbas : Weh tyka, break a leg
Tyka : Haa? kau pehal tetiba neh do?
Abbas : Takk, aku ckp break a leg
Tyka : Sumpahh wehh, pehal kau neh?
Abbas : Maksudnya jgn amik hati lahh
Tyka : HAHAHA, break a leg lain lah bodoh, asl kau pndai sngt ha?
Abbas : Perghh, blk nnt kau try ah tanye mak kau.
Tyka : Break a leg means good luck lah dumbass -__-
Abbas : Err, jap *silent*
Abbas : Ohh ye ahh, bubbi do :S tak lk malu aku en.

Tyka : Hahahahahaha

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wait, Mr Frog

Guess what happened in science class today? Our science teacher, Mr Hong :) The most cutest chinese teacher in my school, er i guess. Wthhh? HAHA, well i think he would look cute together with Pn Chin doe, bahahaha >:) okay dah tyka, stop crapping. Haha. Anyway, he showed us this one video about a frog race, who'll get to the top of the tower first. It was smething about, all the other frogs thought that no frog could ever get to the top " just give up, you'll never win! " , " its to high, no one could make it " and most of the frog started to gave up. But ended up, only this one little frog could make it to the top. All the other frog were shock and curious, they were like ' uhh how the hell did this little frog made it up there? ' ahha that was when Mr Hong paused the video and asked us,

Mr Hong : So what do you think? how did this frog won?
Students : Berusaha tangga kejayaan!
Mr Hong : Woh, hebat *giggle* Any other answers?
Student : Katak tu takde buat dosaaa do, haha
Mr Hong : Hahaha okayy
Sume sibuk sibuk kasi jwpan tah pape, haha. Then a slow voice came out,
Amir : Jangan pndang blakang ..
Everyone burst out laughing*

Hahaha, ngeng tol Amir. Mhm Mr Hong continued the video, the real answer popped out on the screen, SBERNANYE KATAK TU PEKAK -___- agakk ahhh. We shouldn't have listen to them who says negative things right? thats what made us felt like giving up. Heh. Buat pekak sudehh en dgn ape yg dorg ckp. Just like what Mr Hong said, setiap satu pandangan negatif orang lain akan menjauhkan kita dari mimpi dan cita - cita kita, aint that right? :)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Ding Dong

Hey peeps, woaah sorry lama gila tk update , it has been like 10 days ey? -.- ceh takde ah lama sngt pn. Haha. Well, i've been busy i guess. Emm i don't really have anything to post about anyway. This past few week, life has been pretty boringggg, heh. School, eat, study, watch Intan, sleep. Same thing all day. Grrhh wtv, i'd rather be at school than staying at home doing nothing, that would be so much more boring. Haha. Thanks to my schoolmates, they've always brighten up my day :) ayyloviiyuuulahhsume, hahaha.


And others. Ramai lagi lah, malas sbrnanye nk type sume. Lol. Mhmm mhmm bubbi ah bosann :S and i bet Ezaa is waiting for me at sunway right now, bahaha. Sorry i can't make it babe. Okay that's all for now, challo<3

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Pingu :)

FatinDiniAfiqah, Happy Birthday babe! ehemehem Kak Fatin i nehh, she's finally fifthteen, suka ah tuhh en icky? Hahaha. watlek kauu, sabar jaaap, another 1 month ++ then its my turn, hahaha. Well, besides for the fact that we're the pmr victim this year, turning fifthteen is fun i guess, ceh fun katanyaaa -__- hahaha. Gosh, im bebbling -.- shut up tyka, haha. Again, Happy Birthday bie, may god bless you :) and ingatt, aku sayang kauu fahamm? hugs and kisses muah muaaahh<3

Kak - kak - kak

My pet sis, Tyka
We met during bowling. She is super cute!! people always say that we look like twins. Amazing. Because she is only 15 and i am 18. Hehehe. Imagine the gap. Our mom was in labour for 3 years. The pain,my gosh. Hehehe. She likes things which are simple but has a meaning to it. I really wish i could always be with her cause her friends are not really friends. They are either using her or just fooling around. I want to always be there for her whenever she needs me. Oh ya. Anyways, she has excellent taste in fashion and also a sharp eye. She likes photography. Can you imagine how full her galleries are on her handphone. Hehee, basically we meet each other almost every weekend. Because we are attending the same bowling league in pyramid. I guess thats the time that we really bond together.

Awhhh, i saw this on Kak Yana's blog, how sweet :p lol. Well she did told me that she's starting to write her own blog, so i tot i should take a tiny peek rite. Tgk tgk, ade nama aku, acecehh kembang montot aku sat. HAHAHA. takde ah, aku takde ah over cenggitu en. watlekk haha. Anyway, i loviee yuu lah kakak<3

Monday, January 5, 2009

First Day of School

What a nightmare dohh -.- honestly, i hate my school. Heh. Bukan benci belajar, i dont hate studying new things okay. BUT seriously i hate my school, haa amik kauu aku tak suka kau ah. Hahaha tetiba en. Going back to school, is sooo not my favourite thing. Mhmm. Anyway, first day of school was okay i guess. Met my friends again :) I arrived at school around 7.05am, then i heard " ehhhh Tyyyyykaaaaaaaaaaaa " , i looked behind, Fara was walking straight to me with her arms wide open, hahaha aku pelukk dia kuatkuat lepas kn rinduu berbulan bulan tak jumpe en. Hahaha. Jalan pegi padang perhmpnan, lined up. Then Mira, Ieja, Iefa was there too, fuhh sume muka baru bangun tido en. HAHAHA. Syafy, Bella, Tia, Azry and others was missing in action, maybe they were lining up smewhere else kt blkng blkng, i hve no idea. lol.

I got to class, sat down beside Wani. My class teacher was Pn.Chin, my last year's seni teacher :) awhhh aku suka cikgu nehh, lawa kemainn, she's chinese, but ade lah muka melayu sikit, lol. Comel je bila senyum. Haha. She was the only chinese teacher in our school kot. Whiitwhit. Hoh, Amir tetiba got elected as the class monitar, eh correction, Penolong. Haha omg omg capai jugak cita cita kau en Amir? hahahaha. Anyhow, i walk out of class after the bell rang, met Fara, Tia, Mira, Azry. We hanged out for awhile kt skolah jap. While we were walking out from school, the sun was shining on top of our heads, perghh.
Tia : Erghh! neh lagi seksa doe drpd kena pegi skolah.
Tyka : Haa? kau pehal tetiba?
Azry : Weh gila panas ahh.
Tia : Sumpah silap besar doe kita blk lambat.
Azry : Agak ahh -__-
Tia : Merana gak ah kalau satiap hari aku nk merangkak blk skolah tgh panas neh en.
Tyka : Hahahahaha.
Yeahh, bak kata Tia, tak lama lagi makin hitam lah neh dah kalau setiap hari blk skolah merangkak bwh mtahari panas terik en -.- har har har benci. Dingdingg, im off to do my homework, toodles :)

I'll See You Soon Adib :)

Fuhh, penat gila smlm -__- grrh i woke up with the sound of my mum coming in my room, she was on the phone with my aunt kot. She was talking smething about evryone fitting in the car, and i heard my name came out, even my sister's. lol. So cm pelik gak ah tetiba nama aku timbul.

Tanye mama, rupanya Adib was going back to his hostel today, uitm dkt Perak, so Auntie Afni asked us if we wanted to come along, send Adib smpai Perak using my mum's car, sbb mama punya kete besar lah kot. Well, i was free, and i didnt have any plans anyway, so ikut jelah en. Mandi mandi siap siap, grk rumah Auntie around 10 smething, rumahnya takde ah jauh mana pn, dkt je, so tarahal lah. Haha.

Smpai smpai, dorg belum siap pulakk dahh. Adib tk semangat nk blk Perak, sedih je aku tgk dia. Dia duk feeling main gitar dlm bilik dia tu ha, muka sedihh, mcm kena pegi luar negara 10 tahun lak en -.- pdahal pegi perak je, pastu boleh jgk blk cuti kejap after 3 month en. Neh tak, sedih jiwang kemain dia taknak blk sana. Hahaha. Mama pn layuu tgk, HAHAHAHA.

Around 1 centu, my cousins sume masuk kete, Auntie Afni, Uncle Roy, Alan, Biboy, and yes Adib. Sumbat sumbat, Adib bwk beg bnyk kemain, mcm 10 org pulak yg nk blk hostel, perghh =.= hahaha. Ticktockticktock, we arrived there kul 5 centu kot. Unpacked Adib's stuff, then we had our lunch outside dkt kedai mamak mana tah, mak aihh, i ate like 4 5 times that day. HAHA. Adib was still with the sad face, hoping that we'll take him back to KL, lol.

Then we sent off Adib back to his hotel, balik balik Gombak, anta cousins blk rumah, then arrived back home around 10pm+ Woah, i was exhausted, 10 hours journey, sitting in the car, sakit bontot kemain tahu takk, grrrhh Hahahaha.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year

Ahha yeah its new year *wavingbyebye2008* :) Well, i spent my new year eve watching POTC replay at home while eating snacks, ice cream, abes sume mknan lah aku angkut dari dapur lah en. Hahaha watlek. And so did Kroll, lol. Just like he said, Jack was fun-naaayyyy ! hahaha.

Tyka : Curve cmfem crowded gila lh kn. So between sitting at home watching movies on tv or being at a noisy, crowded place with alots of unknown ppl and rempits sweating all around me. I rather choose home sweet home with my family, lagi tenang fikiran, hahaha.
Kroll : Yeah you do got a point there. Ergh :S i could not imagine if i was there. Pergh! Wa ckp lu, merempat wehh HAHA :D

Ish ish ish 'KaptenKroll' nehh, hahaha. Anyway i just wanna wish you all Happy New Year people :)