Tuesday, March 17, 2009

go get me some ice!

14 March
I woke up around 9am. My sister and Kak Zety was already awake, siap borak borak lagi. Mal and zack told us that they were gonna come pick us up around 12, cause the gig starts at 2pm. So yeah i took my shower, siap siap tunggu dorg smpai. Dorg smpai right on time. But mal's car takde ah besar mana sbrnanye haha, cm another 2 more person je boleh msk, but we couldnt left kak zety behind, so we had to squeez in. Haha. Anyway, we arrived there around 1 smething, makan makan jap. Perghhh start kul 2 bagaiiii -.- pdahal berjam jam gak ah tnggu en. Panas kemain pulak. Pfft. A few hours later, baruuuu start. Zack and his friends was the first band to perform. Tick tock tick tock, blablabla kul 6 dah chow dah. Mal sent me, my sis, zety, atoq, zack and his girlf at midvlley. Tak smpai 5 minute kemudian, zack dgn girlf dia dah missing in action, tau tau je dia pegi clubbing -.- ha ye ah tuh bkn nk kasi tahu en, haha. Anyhow, we went shopping for a while. I baught a black short, and zety was the one you baught alot of clothes. Haha. It was nearly 11pm, so we went back to gombak. Singgah lepak kedai mal jap, then went back home. Sume penat kemain, so zety and atoq slept at our house that night.

15 March
Tido bangun tido bangun, sumpah tido tk lena -___- hehh. But cm semangat try nk tido. End up terbangun, Shelalala tersayang call en haha. Then Weynanana pula call. Yeahh its was weyna's birthday party that night at shela's house. I wasnt sure if i could go, cause i had no idea how the hell am i going to go there, i mean duhh Bangi. Mcm jauh gila kot from gombak? -.- dh tkde trnsport mehh haha. Mum was in Sabah, and dad? yeah harapan dia nk hantar smpai ke bangi. Soooo, i asked for my sister's help if she could find smeone that has a car. Nasib baikkk ada. Amir's car, kawan kepada kekasih kakak saya, adi. acewahh dah boleh ckp my sister's boyfriend's friend kan HAHA. pfft im crapping -.- anyway, my sis and i went to mid vlley, AGAIN -.- meet up with adi and amir there. I arrived at shela's house kul 9++ dapat jumpe SHELA, IBUUU :) LILY AND BIRTHDAY GIRL WEYNAAAA! haha, cm blablabla lepak lepak. Around 11 smething, nearly 12am, amir sampaaaiiii -.- cehhhh. So terpakse lah balik jugak, aduhaii sorry nana :/ Got back home around 1, then went out again around 2, went to subang amik mama kt sane. Hehh agak ah smpai rumah kul 4 pagi, terus pengsan atas katil HAHA.
16 March
Haaaa ini tarikhhh baikk punyaaa kan kan nana? yee lahhh ade org tuh dah tua setahun ennnn, HAHAHAHA :D
ily nanaaa<3

Friday, March 6, 2009

The Truth, Its Fading

I cant keep waiting anymore
I just cant , hoping for things that wont happen
grasping on love that is just fading

yeah , im just a fool
but thank you though.
i really do adore you
in every single way
but your just too caught up in your own world do you?
i dont blame you
because after all i will never be a part of your life

what goes around comes around indeed
do not expect me to wait for you at the end of all this bullshit.
i know you wont

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Yeah i know, It has been nearly a week ey since i last updated my blog?
I havent been online much nowadays, malaaaas lah :)

Just so you know,
No, I'm not dead.
No, I'm not depressed.
No, I'm not contemplating suicide.
No, I'm not morose.

Just busy is all. Nothing blog-worthy to share.