Monday, April 27, 2009

Lets break it down

Last saturday, things went well as me and my sister planned. i woke up with a sound of my sister calling me, she said we had to be at mid vlley bfore 12, it was already 10, so we rushed to get ready and all, met adi there. at last i did get to watch "coming soon", lol it was daymn scary i tell you =.= after the movie ended, we were seriously starving. and i was starting to feel a bit dizzy. so we all went to find a place to eat.

Well guess what? the three of us walked arnd, and we got bored. so i begged my sister if we could go watch another movie, then my sister bodek bodek boyfriendnya belanja, hahaha. i wanted to watch "jangan tegur" again, but the tickets were out. sadly we bought tickets for "friday the 13th", the movie was okay. i was pretty annoyed with these two person who were sitting right next to me, this guy bajet cool abes, and the girl next to him mcm tak klaka gediknya. duadua konon nk speaking mak saleh, ohh pleaseee, padahaal hancur habes ah. pft, agak kesian tgk dorg HAHA nk tegelak ah dibuatnya en.

Then my sister and i went back by train, it was alrdy 11 smething. My sister asked A if he could come pick us up, and he was cool with it. he came and picked us up using gadak's car and we dropped by at their place. makan lepak lepak kejap. gadak, amy, mal and fasha was there too. mann what a night. we all laughed like hell, and had lots of fun.

Friday, April 24, 2009

screaming for help

Tyka : dude, how's school?
Myrul : school? biase je
Myrul : hang takde, klass sunyii je weh
Tyka : HAHAHA yeahh riighhtt

Darnn, i cant believe that im saying this -.- but yeah i miss school. well what do you expect? bowl bowl bowl bowl, staying at home sleeping and eating is all i've been doing for this past whole week and plus another one week or two. pft.
Let me tell you smethng, bowling msss is gonna be on 5th - 10th May, and i get to skip school for this next two weeks because of that, im gonna be busy with trainings and stuff. oh yesss, of course there's a BUT, tetapi lah kata en, my mid-term exam is like one week after that mann :/ im screwed i tell you.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

yeah bingoo!

I was nervous like hell, pft. but thank god i got second place, well i nearly gave up but thanks to those who were there to support me.
so yeah i made it to the finals and this friday is gonna be another big dayyy. grr wish me luck, toodles :)
p/s ; i miss you, schoolmates <3

whats gonna happen

Woke up around 10 *yeaahh i aint going to school fr a week haha wtv* and went to ampang to practise bowling. Im still feeling nervous about tmmrow, i just dont hve the confident mann -.- mhm even A didnt even wish me good luck yet, heh thanks.

My sister got home from work early today, so we planned to follow dad to sunway pyramid. I wanted to watch coming soon, but there was only tickets fr 10pm. so my sister suggested if we should jst watch jangan tegur instead. Im not really a fan of malay's horror movies, cause most of them are like unscary at all -.- but watching jangan tegur was worth it i guess *well there was a few parts that made me and my sis laughed haha*, not so scary but overall i enjoyed the movie and everyone enjoyed it. you should watch it too :)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

walking too far ahead

School was alright. nadzim and aiman walked me home all the way from school just now. seriously i felt guilty -.- i mean, my house is aint that near from school, neither from their house. its like walking from klcc to bb and all the way back to klcc and walk back again to pavi. and the worst part is, my house is like way up up on the mountain. goshh, sorry guys :/ ill make it up to you both next time alright.

So anyway, there's a few things that i should do this week

1) Save more money than just wasting them
2) Continue completing my history folio :o
3) Prepare for upcoming mssd bowling next week
4) Find free time to go watch movie with my dearest sister
5) Finish up my essay and make sure i pass it up by next week
6) Again bowling training's, i need to practise! practise! and moree practise -.-

Friday, April 10, 2009

not bad at all

woke up and went to school, everything was as usual. mirul asked me if i was still thinking about going to watch our school football team play in the final this evening, cause he wanted to come along. so i said yeah why not. Mira and the others supposed to come with me as well, but dad's car was pretty full. so they went to the stadium by taxi. me, eja and mirul got there just right on time. the game was about to start, so we sat down with the others and watch. aiman and rzman was there too, lol. we kept quiet, waiting fr the moment. well all i can say is, coming there shouting and screaming like hell was not just a waste of time. because our school did won, acehwah first tuhh. nyampah aku hahaha.

i hung out with eja, aiman, rzman, albu, akmal, arep, miena and mira fr awhile. then aiman sent me and eja back at my place. as usual everynight ill endup smewhere in sunway pyrmd, haha so i asked eja to come along :) we arrived there around 8.30pm. i met mirrul and my long lost brother, yssr. HAHA long lost lah sngt. mhm yeah we havent met each other fr like a few month plus, so i guess he missed me lah kot hahaha cause we kept on bullying each other that night, hehh and eja? she kept on laughing, okay tak klaka aku tau kau suka abg aku kaaannn? bahaha :D me and eja went to topshop, i saw this nice colourful plain shirts that i like, and guess what? it was on sale! but last day kot. sigh. god, why am i broke? :/ mhm anyway, abg yssr sorta slipped out saying smething that he shouldnt -.- duhh i was like oh shit mann, not funny. habesss ah kantoi. it ws kinda suppose to be a secret abg. pft. nasib aku sabar gelak gelak en, ceyt ;p

sent eja back home around 12 smething, i bet she was fckng tired as i am, cause we walked here and there and evrywhere the whole day haha. i was worried at first if eja's mum or dad would be angry or smething about sending her back home late at night. but thank god evrything went well :) ill post some of today's pictures later okay.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

like whoa

Hello sweetgums, it has been a while since my last post kan kan kan -.- my apologies. There's a lot that i wanna write about, but its hard to explain how am i feeling right now and i just cant seem to put the right words in place, pfft.

I miss 2008 btw, hanging out with my bestfriends all day long everyweek. Latenight calls, gossiping sana sini, spilling out evrythng that was on our mind, happy news that could make us smile all the way, funny stories that act made us laugh our butt off and even when im having problems, feeling sad like hell, they were always there for me. Well now, everyone seems to be busy with their own things. I mean, school work and stuff :/ and for me, yes pmr. Mhm but just so they know, aiilohveeiyuu haha dushh. Wishing that things could be like old times tho.

Anyhw, sumpah malas gila kot nak buat sejarah folio -___- grr stupid government, stupid school rules, stupid deadlines. Duhh wtv, im off to bed. Uh wait, kitchen is calling me -.- my tummy is making this funny noises, i need to eat mann. Haha sorry weyna syg if you're reading this BUT im starving okayy :p Toodles<3