Saturday, May 30, 2009


To hell with my pride,
tonight i want to cry.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

typical adolescent

hey, i just got back home. went to my cousin's house this morning, and as always i went to sunway to bowl. mhm. omagad im so worried :/ my midterm exam starts tomorrow and i haven't studied anything yet. i mean seriously, nothing, zero, blank, not a damn one clue. sheesh. im so dead meat.

i was suppose to study last night. but i got all hooked up with the computer. i sat there for hours and hours. its was 2am, and that's when my dad had to say 'dah sudahh sudah, go to sleep' haha whateves. so yeah i went back to my room. i was just on my way to jump on my precious bed, till all of a sudden my phone rang. sigh. aiman called asking if he could come over and hanged out at my place *he was already on his way* and i was like oh darn, baru je nk tido kot? -.- plus, my parents were still wide awake and they expect me to be sleeping already. but i ended up changing my mind, and called him back. haha so yeah it has been awhile since the last time i sneaked out. oh just shut up -.- everyone does it since they’re still young and not allowed to go out at 2am in the morning right? or maybe just a few of us i think. haha.

anyhow, i met aiman at greenwood. razman and hafiz was with him too. so we sat down, lepak lepak minum. it was nearly 4am. i forced them to walk me back home, haha well this is when the funny part comes. as you all know, my house area was kinda full with dogs. especially when its dark, dogs were running around everywhere. anddd, that's when i found out that the guys was afraid of dogs, hahaha it was darn hilarious i tell you. they freaked out, and typical hafiz picked up this one coconut that was lying on the road HAHAHA kau fikir anjing takut ah sbb kau ade buah kelapa? haha dush. he even called it 'weh aku ade bola boling doh' hahaha piggy you majal aku en.

so it took us like nearly 15 minutes trying to get past those freaking dogs just to get me home. razman was like 'ah i tak kira, i nak tido rumah you jgk mlm neh' hahaha takut nk patah blk pnya psl en. lmao, it’s kind of funny when I think about it again.

oh myyy, i miss that feeling of freedom. mhm.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Teacher's Day

Mienaa , Diba , Shira

Aishah Diba , Azri Amanina

Again, miena dan si cikenet sha

Here are some photos that was shot on Teacher's Day at school last Monday. Guess what? I've been studying in SMKSG for like 3 bloody years now, and this year, its the first time i actually attend Teacher's Day, lol. If it wasn't because I've missed school due to MSSS bowling for the past 3 weeks, I would have just skipped school that day *evillaughs* haha BUT, as far as I know, I've never attended my highschool Sports Day yet, and I never will. Haha yeah I know, I'm such a lazybum, really. What do i care. Toodles.

Friday, May 22, 2009

oh yeah its on

i watched american idol last night. it was superb i tell you. black horse won, lucky him. but i guess evryone expected that adam was going to win, even kris. well, to those who didnt vote for adam jst because he's gay, shame on you -.- pft its a singing competition lah you dumbass. Mhm eventho adam lambert didnt win, i still think he's a brilliant singer and he will have a great career. just like david archuleta or mybe chris daughtry, they didnt won but take a look at them now. more runner ups have gone on to do better than the idols themselves. so what im trying to say is, adam did end up in 2nd place, but maybe will come in first in record sales. true? Either way, i do love kris allen's voice, especially when he sings while playing the guitar. Oh yes, he sang heartless by kanye west ♥ best kan kan? haha plus, he is cute. ooo i loikee :P haha anyhow, i think they're both winners. hooraah. cant wait to hear their own songs :)

Friday, May 8, 2009

murder me oh please

hey hey, im back :D msss is over, and im feeling so lazy right now. pft. i got in the finals, i mean masters. but i didnt get top 4, i was pretty upset ysterday that i got no 6. everyone tried to cheer me up, even dad. mhm alahai tadapat pegi kedah, nyampah. but what the heck. eventho i nearly cried my tears out ysterday, in the end i know i did my best. mhm at least i've improve. thats what they said.

pfft. anyway, my midterm exams is just around the corner. gahh faktap gila -___- im so worried. buku pn tk sentuh lagi kot.

Friday, May 1, 2009

say hey, hoo

old man : i've two daughters and one son
old man : so people kept asking me, why only one son?
old man : i said, look up *pointing up*
old man : there's only one sun

not bad for an old man i tell you, haha

What are we?

my sister and i was sitting outside the toilet, waiting fr mum. there's this one chinese old man and next to him there's this english guy *british ke ape tatahu* holding a baby in his arms. they were having a conversation, pastu kakngah pn start sibuk join borakborak jugak. i stared at the baby, comel gila piggy lah sbrnanye en. lama sikit, his wife and daughter came.

*kakngah dgn seleng mak saleh abes tegur anak pmpn tu*

kakngah : hello, whats your name?

the girl : Tracyyyyyy *buatmukacomel*

the dad : *laughed* YEAH riiighhht.

the dad : its not her real name, its her holiday name. lol.

the girl : *buatmukacomellagiskali*

kakngah : hahaha, okayy

asal aku terase cm most of the english people are like soo much more friendly-er. org org sini? heh harapan. one word, sombong.

come kidnap me

MSSS is coming, next monday, gahh im scared :/ ill probably wont be able to online or update my blog for like the whole week, cause i've to stay at the hotel near there with my teammates. pft im so gonna miss my bed HAHA riigghhht.

anyway, i've just got this news from dad. mum's gonna be in johor this weekend, and my sister is gonna be in perak. and me? i was hoping that i could just stay hear and rest, but as if dad's gonna let me stay at home, alone, starving. so i've to follow dad. haha whatevs. he's going to melaka this weekend, tmmrow till sunday kot. so 3 days there, then all the way from melaka to sunway, plus another 5 days.

ill survive, i think.