Saturday, July 25, 2009

Saturday , Super , Sucks

i fell asleep around 4am the other night. and woke up with a feeling of hitting someone to death. pfth. my brother came knocking on my door around 11am, saying that my friend was waiting for me downstairs. i was like, kawan mana plk neh? i couldnt remember anything about inviting any of my friends over to my house, or even going out. i was pretty clueless. i went downstairs, and yeah, i wouldnt really say i was suprised to see her standing outside the door house. it was E, heh.

i went to the carnival since she begged me to go there with her. and mum actually said YES to this. pft weird much. but the second i got there, i was eager to go back home. eventho i did met a few of my long lost friends there. still, all i could think of is wanting to get the hell out of there. and half an hour later, i did. with or without E. yeah no offence, but i just didnt want to be there okay. sorry.

my plan of staying at home, relaxing and perhaps study for my upcoming test was hell what i call nada, over, the end. everyone around here kept making me angry the whole day, Everyoneee.

malas dah nk update. im just so mad , so stay away. goodbye (!)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hear Goes The Tears

Hey, sup bloggers? Everything went well yesterday. School was fine. I went to one utama with my mum that night, and met up with my sister there. We watched ice age *yes, again*, then Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Be jealous, be veryy jealous lol. And guess what? The movie was great, although it was a heartbreak to watch the ending *sigh . So to whoever says that the movie was boring.. DUH, shame on you -.- 

And yes, Tom is so sooo cute (!)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hey There Nerd-oos

Tyka : Weh, spell bahau for me
Kakteh : Bodoh, spell it yourself
Tyka : B , A , H , A , AW
Kakteh : *silent*
Tyka : Eh, kejaaap -__-
Tyka : Ah majal, dah bye

I'm so bored right now. School seems pretty dull, I hate it. I spent the whole night yesterday watching dvds that I just bought and my brother will be returning my other dvds *which i havent watch it yet* tomorrow, so yeay.. Ha-ha. I'm off to watch 17 again. goodbye.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Momsy & Daddykins

Woke up around 11am with the sound of my mum nagging, haha. Went to my family gathering lunch at Holiday Villa Subang Hotel to celebrate my parents birthday. The food was really great I tell you. Everything went well, except for the fact that there was suddenly a clown at the buffet. It popped out from no where. I hate clowns.

It was 4pm, so we all sat off to sunway pyramid. I had to bowl my hands off again that day, pft. Haieqal was there too. I didn't really notice that he was there, until he actually stood behind my lane and gave me a big smile. Aww lama tak jumpa cikenet tu haha.

Went back home around 12, and now I'm here :) And off to do my homework now, toodles.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

There Goes The Fat Girl

Pavillion was my place of choice today. I went there instead of my tuition's concert since Leyla didn't want to stay at the hotel, we both dragged each other out. Met up with Farah at klcc. Later on the guys arrived. Then we went off to the mall, met the others there.

I did get to meet a few of my long lost friends. Most of them said the same thing, "tyka dah gemuk" pfft yes I know, and I am proud to say that I'm healthy *so shut up danial* haha. Anyway, I didn't want to stay long so Syafik drove us back to gombak. yeaaaahh, nice ride syafik, haha

Leyla bought herself a new pair of sandals that day, lol a little advice? next time don't wear heels okay :p

Leyla Farah Aiman Akmal Razman Hadry Irfan Syafik Teja Ryn Kibby Bazli Lee Dato Ady Aqim Eyma Ulul Alfiq Nasyriq Aby Hafez Yana Natasha Eryn Afai Danial Erwin Zaff

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Meet The Supermassive Annoying Sister

Location : Home Sweet Home

kakteh : *stares at tyka*

tyka : kau pehal?

kakteh : weh kau tolong gunting rmbut kau tu !

tyka : haa, apakahh? -__-

kakteh : potong yg rmbut kau yg bewarna tu, pastu kasi kt aku

kakteh : aku nk extension kt rmbut aku doh *giggles

tyka : HAHAHAHAHA kau ingat aku neh ape bodoh?

kakteh : kedai rambut kot, HAHAHAHAHA

Location : Greenwood

tyka : weh weh tgk tuh, comel gila kucing tu

kakteh : alahai comel je ekor dia gerak gerak

tyka : -______________________-

kakteh : weh boleh tk aku nk bela ekor dia je, potong pastu bwk balik rumah

tyka : HAHAHAHAHA kau ingat ekor tu gerak lg ah lps potong?
kakteh : lah ade org kata ekor kucing hidup doh
tyka : -__________________________-
kakteh : *sengih tayang gigi* HAHAHA

Monday, July 6, 2009


you may not know it
but you're holding my heart
you keep me safe
and i dont need to look no further
cause i finally found you