Monday, August 31, 2009


Happy Independence Day everyone :)

it was merdeka's eve. i spent the whole night at sunway after having berbuka at my sister's place in subang with my family. by the time we got there, it was pretty crowded with people, more like happy families and teenagers. lol. syida and eza was there too, they as well were with their families.

there was this carnival bowling merdeka thing, 48 families were in it. including us, amir's family. it started a few minutes after countdown. me, my brother, and dad had fun. as for my sisters, my brother in law and yeah my mum. they were being really supportive :) my older sister was the loudest, she was cheering for me at the back. she even made a bet, which i could get 15 bucks for every three strikes in row, which i did btw. haha. well i guess she did that just so that i wont give up, and it worked.

our game finished at 2.30am. we waited for the results to come out. me and eza hung out, we were still in our hyper mood altho my brother was already half asleep *it was 3 in the morning for god sake. haha. most of the families even had their sahur there since the cafe has already prepared a speacial meal for us.

luckily, we got third place. yeayyy us (!) we even won 500 bucks. so it was worth it. hihi. we were all exhausted. my dad drop my sister off back at her house, and we all got home around 5am. pheww, what a niiight -.- toodles (!)

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Well Hey There Smarty Pants

"the last thing i ever wanted was to hurt you. if i did, im sorry"

im getting tired with all this shits. everyone seems to be giving me a really hard time right now. and truth is, i dont like it *no one does*. why cant you people just leave me be? i've enough problem to think of, and i dont need anyone else's help to make it worse.

i've been noticing that mum and dad are getting really good at backing up my older siblings instead of me, they always do (: i guess im always the bad one, am i? heh. even if they're the one who started the fight, ill get the blame for all of it. well that sucks.

other than that, i guess you wont be seeing me very often again since mum's getting so envious of seeing me happy hanging out with my friends. HAHA. whatev, i couldnt care less. they'll have fun without me anyways. like as if they would even notice that i didnt show up (:

btw, i did tell you that my phone is broken right? so dont bother calling. my phone is no where near me, cause i've send it to some shop to fix it. well it would take a while tho, a week or more. or it wont even get to be fixed (?) who knows kan, haha. shit usually happens to me, i just have to get use to it.

pmr is getting nearer, scaaarryyyy *sighs*

**ignore all this, i talk crap alot since i feel like blowing up, phft. so dont mind me.

challo (!)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Don't Tell Me

"Are you even listening to what I'm saying?"

"You ckp mcm machine gun lah tyka -.-"

"Okay fine then, I'll talk slow"


"Uh wait, I lupa ape I ckp tadi"


So basically, M had to listen to me whining for a moment there. Well, he couldn't really catch a word I was saying since I was talking reaal fast. Haha, serve you right for calling me in the middle of the night *oh wait, it was like 3 in the morning? Yeah.

I watched G.I Joe just now, I have to admit that the movie was dope, not bad at all :)

Heyyy im thinking about cutting my hair short again, yeaaaayyy as if. Haha.


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

1 + 2 = THREE

"The most recent rumour has the two actors moving in together. If this proves to be true, it will surely spark another media frenzy."
i have no idea why the hell am i posting this, but i just did. haha.
i guess this post was meant for iya (!) yes one of my classmate who's a twilight fan PLUS the girl who just got an A for her math paper this trial. which i didn't *sigh -__- and i envy her cause of that. haha.
but as a friend, im happy for you, so congratz (:

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Where Is This Going

tyka : weh dorg nampak mcm siblings kn?
miena : a'ah lahh, dua dua muka congkong
*stares at miena*
tyka : congkong ?
miena : eh cengkung ?
diba : haa cengkung
nothing much happened today. well i failed to study again, i didn't even last 30 minutes reading all those books.

diba , miena , mirul and aiman came over at my house today. they called out my name from outside, for the past half an hour i guess. i didn't really hear anything since my room was wayyy over at the back. if it wasn't for mum who told me, i wouldn't even realize at all that my friends were standing infront of my house. lol.

oh btw, did i mention that my phone is broken? heh YES, my phone is such a retard.


Sunday, August 23, 2009

Never Shout Never

i was clearing up my old document, and i found this. it was last year's :')

Icky : mhm , atikah aliah ? Hoyeah that name that makes me smile and laugh so hard when i'm feeling so down and low. My one and only baby lion. She's my soulmate, she's my melatah partner, she's my girlfriend, she's my bestest bestfriend, she's my laugh-out-loud pal and yeah one and only lion. Should i say more ? :) any of you jerks treat her like a fuckng toy with a fucking plastic heart, i'll screw you up till you cry. oh and those bitches out there, step up to her and act bitchy , oh trust me you wouldn't want to see a angry penguin :)

Shela : Atikah Aliah Amir Arif, my lil teddy bear. And also my girlfriend. Hihi. Aku benci kau masa mula2. Sumpah tk tipu. But ur calls each night makes me smile. Terpapar je namamu aku senyum smpai ke bontot man! hihi. i know a bit lsbian but wht im saying is the truth b. I found a cute sis who knew my weakness and my prblems. She understood what i was going through and promised me that she's stay long and never go. I reached out u to show u that i care. Pull and hold u close and let u know how much i need u here. U hear me when i want to talk, u help me when i need smething and you are the bestest friend and sister i've ever had. My light and my day and the moon in my night. And, a simple friend expects u to always be there for them but a real friend expects to always be there for u. Rmember one thing, ill always stand tall beside u. I love you effin much syg. Pls stay and i dont want u to leave me.

Fiqa : tykababybaby. she's always smile and i love her smile. OHMYGOD, kau comel do :) HAHAHAHAHAH. sumpah tade idea. tyka u amik ni dulu nanti i update oke. love you.

Virginie : Atikah Aliah. Ini budak, dulu I TAK SUKA DIAAA! hahaha! Why? Because I tak nak suka lahh!! hahaha, This is where the peribahasa "tak kenal maka tak cinta" comes in. Now, kita berdua mesraaa, rapat mcm gila. She is only 14 but she has a mind even more matured than my immature mind. Haha, she's sweet and vulnerable though. One of a kind. She loves without expecting to be loved in return, But i love her all the more. Ini budak bontot besar wooo. and she's very the gemoks and pendek! hahahaha, Itu namanya, twinnie virginie ;p I LOVE YOU ATIKAH ALIAH!! NOW AND ALWAYS

Isha : Tyka, she's my baby and I love her sooooo much! she's sweet,cute and nice :) she likes to babbling and i think that's really cute okay. dont ever change darling. i like just the way u are. i like when u said sumpah tak kelakar doe HAHA u were cute that time :D i like to hear ur voice, look at ur face *eh mcm les pulak HAHA everything is cute about you hunny. And remember that i always always be there for you, anytime. ILOVEYOU!

Lily : tyka tralala ku! i still remember the day we first met, baru lepak one day dah rapat dah, siap snap pictures lagi. hehe (; tyka, she’s adorable yet sweet. senang cerite full package lah. babe, eventhough we tak kenal each other for a long time, just want you to know that i’ll always love you kayh yang? cant wait to keep some memories with you in future. mwahh, ilysm (;

Eryn : Atikah Aliah as known as tyka. ok this girl mmg entah lah. Hahaa :D But she's my bestfriend for sure. Rindu dia sgt sgt. She's a great listener. I love her so much. And i can't stop thinking of her. Ecehhhh :D Tyka, ingat janji kita dua weh. Nak pegi honeymoon en ? Tak termakbul pun doh. Hahaa :D Papehal pun, kau ingat, aku syg kau sampai masuk kubur.Take care love.

Syaza : Atikah Aliah,seriously baru kenal dia je dah boleh fall in love, she's a good friend. she helped me alot with my boyfriend, she's very kind and helpful. i am very lucky to know her and to have her in my life. Eventhough i saw her few times, but i never ever talk to her cause honestly i benci dia dulu hahahaha sorry syg, u know why kan? itu duluuu. She's short, we kinda look alike from people's thought but idk know lah , maybe ada sikit, but of course i lagi tinggi dari dia! haha. she smiles alot and she's very cuteee. mann, she's fourteen year old girl but got an atitude of a twenty year old lady. she's always there for me when i need her, eventhough we're far from each other, she's close to my heart and mind. I won't regret knowing her. she owe me alot, i love her.

Lola : oh tykaaa niii, tyka alya ni comel banget dehh, awek aku nii! haha ily b, hihi, dulu i thought tyka ni sombong gila kot, pahtu bila first time jumpa, pergh gila friendly! :D haha kuat gossip tyka ni, dh la kuat fly. ish ish :p and tau kluaaar je ;p haha all i know tht, tyka ni baik gilaaa and friendly nk mati :D hee

Kroll : Well, tyka tyka tykaa :D she's my budak kecikk HAHA :P She is fun to be with and agk talkative Haha ;) cooll, cute, sexxaayy and friendlyy. FYI at first I thought tyka is like one of those kind of snobby, lil' bitch but once I get to know her and lpk sekali, She is cool and friendlly, well obviously i misjudge her and im sorry for that Tyka syg Hehee :P Dear Stranger Dont Judge A Book By Its Cover alright *winkwink* Haih, banyak sgt nak ckp psl minah ni sampai taktahu nak ckp apa dah Haha -_- Dear Tyka Aliah, you Tc aite, and you know I love youu aite *pelukpelukk* Errr well that is all i guess, Sorryy for the BAD Description babyyyy

Aqil : tyka tyka tyka, aku baru je kenal dia. tapi apa yang aku tahu tentang dia, dia kecik, comel, baik, banyak ckp, pemaaf. haha. sbb ada skali aku terhatuk kepala dia dkt pintu. nasib baik dia maafkan aku. haha. 'sorry yeah tyka' haha. tu jela kott yang aku tahu. the end . haha.

Jaa : tyka? a cute lil hottie which usually attract all the wrong kind or people. woot woot! she my dearest lil baby sish. tho shes younger, but we share tons on relationship problems and views. especially the story of that jantansial and dat singing bird. mann haw i mish her so much. tho i dunt hang out with her alot, but yet we still close. shes one of my platinum. master in photo editors. sometimes, i envy her so much. cuz tak nak tlg with mine pic, grrrrr. what ever it is, i still think shez aite. nice to kno, trouble to gado with. tho this pint size shorty is quite n stutter (melatah) but when she gets angry, you better take cover. adek! i got ur back! much luv, jaA

Zaff : Tyka, my adik. kita kenal di ABC Maideen. die giler cool, lawak n ceria. but yg zaff ske coz we have same hobby! Chewing Bubble Yum, haha. kita battle balloon sape paling besar. tp tyka yg slalu menng coz die da expert walaupun baru makan 1, huhu. conclusion, tyka is a nice person, whee~ =D

Akim : she's a good looking person, kind, cute, lovely and really know how to take care of someone, including me of course. i like her childish attitude actly, hehe. even we didnt talk often, i always cant forget bout her. she's kinda mysterious, she doesnt really like to talk about her problems so you better find out by your own haha thats all i think and i love you ;)

Tiqo : this baby girl is mine, haha. her name is just like mine atikah gak. alaa i mcm big version of this little atikah. but i gemok die kurus skinny mcm papan. eleh aagagah :P syg ni i knl dari atlia the bitch of my life, gedik si atilia tu, tanpa die x jumpe la baby tyka ni (= time i asthma kat bb nak gi 7e jmpe kawan, guess sape yg teman i. si baby tyka ni. she is such a good friend. i suro die teman sampai maybank but die kate x pe die teman sampai 7e, but i refused nyusahkan je baby tyka, but the point of it is that she was willing to help. Such a caring and wonderful person. I may not be super close to her but i am close enough to know her haha (= Aku cinta padamu baby haah.

Fafa : Tyka's one stunning girl. I adore her smile & that cute laugh of hers. She cheers me up & aw she knws how to be a gd friend (-: I absolutely love her! So chyeah, back off cos she's all mine, hurt her & you mess with me, people. I love you baby, will always do, miss you loads pretty thang xxx

Izyan : okay here goes. tyka ni i br jumpe dia for one day but omg she is such a FUN person to talk & gossip and and dia mcm queen. tunggu dia for an hour kut. haha :p dia sangat baik and sooo comel. ramai peminat oh dia tu *winkwink* :p muah love u babe! :D

Jasmine : Tyka Alya. my Adik from another Emak xD. dia amat comel and guess what? we have the same fetish for anything OREOOOOO. eh adik u diam lah, nnti i maka mcFlurry depan2 you, haaa baru tau haha. I sayang Tyka!

Mira : i hv been know her about three years kan b? did anyone evr tell u, jst hw special u are, atikah aliah? hee. easy to love and EAASSSYY to hurt. keep reading. shes gorg, fantastic, ravishing, STUNNING but HEYY these words dnt even complement her at all, shes perfect. fullstop. but she always had a sad lovestory. damn youuu boys -__- haih. tapi tapii, no matter wht happens ill stand by uu and ill b there fr u whenevr u need. i prmse ths. ILY sweetie.


i kept smiling after reading all of this over again and again, and it pretty much made me wanna cry *sigh. well i wonder if they still feel the same way about me. i miss them, ALOT. many things changed tho. many things that i've never wished to change :'/

" She's my soulmate, she's my melatah partner, she's my girlfriend, she's my bestest bestfriend, she's my laugh-out-loud pal and yeah one and only lion. " -icky

babyy boo :D just an update kn, i don't melatah anymore (!) good thangg for me right? hihi. love you pinguu. sorry i havent been there for you quite often now, i wish i could :/ but you know this stinking pmr thing kn? miss you xxx

" kuat gossip tyka ni, dh la kuat fly. ish ish :p and tau kluaaar je ;p " -lola

haha yeah lola, that was kinda true. but i've changed, didn't i? i barely go out now, and i did stop all those bad habits of mine. tak fly dah, tak nak dah. aiceh. rinduuu cik lola :)

" she's kinda mysterious, she doesnt really like to talk about her problems so you better find out by your own " -akim

im not gonna deny it. so i guess he did understand that one thing about me after all. and you were still there for me back then. i am sorry for being so difficult in the past, i just am.

" i like when u said sumpah tak kelakar doe HAHA u were cute that time :D " -isha

HAHAHAHA yeaaah, that was kinda a habit of mine time dulu dulu en -.- i cant really remember where did i learn that words from tho, shela kot? haha

" we share tons on relationship problems and views " - jaa

awhh, i miss that :') you use to give me lots of a hell good advises, and i thank you for that. im happy for you btw abang, take good care of your girlfriend okay.

there's lots more that i wanna say, but i just dont know how to write it all down in here. but all im saying is, i miss you guys, i miss 2008, and only god knows how much i miss all of that.

Siti Nur Asilah , Wan Noor Faradawina , Virginie Laurency ,
Nurul Ain Syafiqah , Alya Alayla
i miss you xo babes

Wait All You Can

i watched wind chill last night. i pretty much hate the part where the guy died. didn't really see that was coming :/ damn. it was a sad ending, eventho the girl survived.

so i just finished reading harry potter's finale book, yeaay :) im gonna keep continue on reading something else, thanks to era cause she lended me this book of her's that i was eager to read. you probably think that i sound like a nerd or something -.- phft but who cares. reading isn't a crime alright.

sorry for the short post peeps, ill update more later.
bye for now.


Friday, August 21, 2009


sup bloggers? im back. trial was a nightmare (!) it was so damn hard since i didnt really study hard enough :/ uhmygad , im really worried with the results that im gonna get soon. yiikes.

anyway, hanged out at syaza's place just now with a few of my classmates. had lots of fun. we spent most of the time playing the piano there. imagine five people trying to squeeze in with their fingers to play the piano, i bet a cat would probably even died hearing all those noises that we made. haha. but i did get to learn something, i can play a couple of songs with the piano now, thanks to them of course. hihi :)
mum , mananyaaa guitar? *sobsob , pretty pleaseee i want one (!)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


P to the M to the R -___-
two more days , then say byebye trial.

ill update whenever i can.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

MTV Worldstage

i wouldn't really say that it was the prefect day everrr or whtevr. other than the part where my money was missing, my tummy felt like exploding with pain, and some other things that kinda ruined that day. i guess it was okay. had fun dancing tho, HAHA i looked really ugly. the rain was pretty much the cause of my messy messy messy hair.

i know that syida and irah really did have FUN that night, true ey? :P dancing and jumping everywhere like no one's watching, and so was i. as for aiman, dah mcm biskut dah that day, kejap ade kejap takde =.= that was till he came back behind and pulled me quickly away from mai syida and others, went into the crowds, and we started jumping and singing like hell again. a min later, mai aidil syida irfan farhi and others joined us. nicee haha.

* pixie lott was absolutely gorgeous, boys like girls rocked the stage, and all american rejects was freaking awsome (!)

my body hurts so bad when i came back home, my legs were exhausted. the only thing that i could think of is, sleep.

kroll and virginie was at sunway pyramid that day, but i didn't get the chance to meet them. pft now thats just sad :/ i tried to call those who i wanted to meet up but i couldn't reach any of them, cause the freaking line was busy. sheesh.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Walk To The Top

Sri Gombak , 3 Bestari

iya : weh ape nama buku harry potter yg last tu?

alia and tyka : deathly hallows (!)

iya : haa? *blur motion*

iqa : destiny hallowww

*silent* stares at iqa. iqa stares back.

tyka : HAHAHAHA (!)

alia : HAHAHAHA (!)

syaza : HAHAHAHA (!)

am : HAHAHAHA (!)

iqa : eh -__-"

alia : deathly hallows lahh

am : memandai kau letak destiny hallow en

we was suppose to do our math's work, but instead we gathered at the back of the class and started talking about harry potter. forgive us teacher (!) -.- haha.

sorry i haven't been blogging much lately. when was the last time i've updated my blog? oh yeah, ONE WEEK ago. haha. there's nothing to talk about nowdays, and no one even reads this boring blog anyways. so why bother updating, kan kan? elehh.

PMR TRIAL IS IN EXACTLY 5 DAAAYS -___- you're so dead tyka (!)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Thats Really Pathetic

i've wasted like nearly an hour, standing outside my house, waiting for someone to open up the fucking door. piggy. school was boring as always. yeayy bosan bosan bosan.

"people who only care about themselfs and their own needs or affairs"
"concerned mostly only with theirselfs and their advantage to others"

menyampah tak orang cenggitu? pfth. self-centered gila namanya. pastu cm bila susah bru lah nk tehegeh hegeh teringat kt kita en. wtf? hahaha.

this aint for anyone, so tkyah nk terasa lebih lah.

my tummy is forcing me to offline. so bye.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Wanna Walk On Town

i just got back home from sunway. yeah as usual, bowling. pfth i played really bad today, really really bad. ikut celah siput mana boleh dpt score tu pn tatau lah. haih. whtever.

moving on, syida was walking around with this girl. i didnt really know her, well thats when until she actually asked me if i recognize her. and i was likeee, in a blur motion. guess who? it was babyana (!) haha, it have been years since the last time we've talked. we use to be really close in myspace, 3 or 2 years ago i think. and this is the first time we've met face to face. it was an awkward moment, but yeah, it was nice to see her :)

whoops. i miss the smell of new books. reading is fun okay :D hahaha but its a big no no for school books lahh -.- so i decided to buy harry potter and the deathly hallow, the last book. malas lah nk beli bnyk bnyk, pdahal buku skolah pn belum berusik lagi kn. haha. you really need to start reading those books tyka (!)

Saturday, August 1, 2009

What The Hell? Stop Crapping

im tired, seriously tired. i had less than 4 hours of sleep last night, so what do you expect? woke up with the sound of my phone ringing. well i was suppose to meet shela. but as usual, mum wouldnt let me go anywhere near kl right now. PMR trial is in two weeks maannn :/ padahal skolah weyna pnya dh abes? gila unfair *sigh.

anyway, fika called me. she's going back to bahrain next week? like what thee? aku rase mcm kau bru je blk sini en -__- haih. so i went over at her place since i was afraid if i wouldnt get to see her before she leaves malaysia again. kak fyaa was there too :) we all hung out for lil while, watch a few dvds, gossip gossip and stuff. wohh, there's lots of things that we have to catch up with. missing the old times kn fika wehh. your crib was the first and last time i've ever slept over at. HAHA bodoh gla sneak out pukul 2 pagi doh.

btw, thanks for the prezzy teyteks (!) i love it.
and im so gonna miss you Fika & Fyaa <3

Snail Really Do Have Feets

thank god that exam's over, fuhh. i did a bit of a last minute studying thing. so im not gonna be suprise if i fail this time. heh. anyway, i've been sick for the whole week. all the sickness and studying really did made me crazy for a lil while there. but im getting better now :) no worries.

malas nk update, computer slow mcm siput babi dah -____- bye bye