Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hey, Where's My Donut?


got back home around 1pm. my sister was still fast asleep, and i was super doooper bored. so i did a bit of my usual thing to annoy her so that she would wake up. of course, it worked. haha. she told me a few stories, some scary shits that makes me wanna jump off a building. seriously, it really did kept my mouth shut for a lil while there -.-

anyway, today's the last day of school before a long week break for eid, yeaytiees :D im so gonna miss school, NOT ! haha. i am kinda looking foward to eid, hopefully it would be fun. ill probably go eid shopping with mum tommorow. hee.

the screw part is where imma face pmr in less than 20 days by then *sigh.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Take A Break

it was 7am, i was getting ready for school. but then it started raining. so i asked mum if i could study at home instead, and she was cool with it. i successfully studied something today. which is science for like 5 hours, while watching band of brothers on tv.

its really obvious that im too lazy to update my blog nowdays (: bye

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Smart Kids, Riiiiiight

school was, tiring? -.- seriously. im super exhausted. well maybe cause i didn't get any sleep at all last night *sigh

anyway, we had these gerak gempur test just now. in a all of a sudden kinda way. so the whole class was likee WWHAAAAT?! -___- dang it. why the hell didn't anyone mention about this test? i mean i really reallyy didn't expect that was coming mann. i had no clue what i just wrote on my bahasa melayu paper, i pretty much blaa alot, and yeah i kinda left some blanks. cause i coudln't really remember last year's novel. lalala haha wtv. bahasa is ain't my thangg HAHAHAHA palaotak kau , hang neh bangsa ape ha tyka? -.- haih, i really need to work on my bm.

okayyy moving on. there was also this math session in the library with a few other classes. the teacher, mr chiu was busy teaching us, explaining this and that. it was okay, learned some lil things that i didnt really understand in the past. altho there was a few kids who kept on making noises and talking eventho mr chiu had already asked them to keep quiet *means shut up :)* more than twice kot. i guess either they were too busy chatting or they had an ear hearing problem or something -.-

whooopss* well forgive give me, i was just being sarcastic. chill lahh -__-

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ain't Trippin, Riiiiiight

"b , pmr diawalkan , have you heard ? :O"

i wish i could just close my eyes and pretend that i didn't just read this from icky. horrifying words, i could probably even have a huge nightmare tonight from this. damn, is this like for real? -__- why? why? whyyy? (!)

Yell For Help , Or I Will

its nearly 2am, and im still not in bed. which i should be -.-

dang it, school starts tommorow. oh wait, correction. it starts today. BORIIING, pffft. im gonna be dealing with my trial's result, which i hope to god that it wont turn out really bad. yeahh, hope sooo *sighs*

my sister is watching iron man, i'd rather join her than staring at this bright flat screen for hours with nothing to do. challo (!)