Wednesday, October 28, 2009

That wasn't an act. Not even close.

"Judge me all you want, its ok. The entire world is already doing so. I mean, maybe, I’m not the girl who is all perfect and had never done anything wrong in my life. But at least… I got a mind of my own :) "
It was 2pm, and I was still in bed. Skipped school, again.
Woke up with the sound of my phone ringing, got a text from my classmate. Replied and went back to sleep. Then again, the phone rang. it was my brother, and with the sound of aiman mumbling at the back.

" Ya Allah, i tak mandi lagi kot -.- "
" Ahhhh, bangun pastu gi mandi. Nnt we come pick you up *HUNG UP* "
" ZZZZZZZZZ -______- "

Took a really long shower. Went downstairs to find something to eat, yummm. Same old boring meal *sigh
Called rinaaaayyy, Rinee A. She was crapping alot, and so was I. Duhh, I haven't seen her or even talked to her since the last 6 month, or less. God knows how much I miss her. Rinduuuu kataaaa, haha.
This is a really reaaaally weird post. Lol. Why the hell am I blogging like a freaking retard? I don't know.

Imma go get some sleep, night.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Look Who Just Pops Out

AAR's concert is coming. and i finally got the ticket. it was my brother's actually. lmao. i couldn't stop bragging about wanting to see tyson perform, so i guess he got really annoyed and gave me his ticket. awhhh he loves me. haha :P

anyway, my eldest brother called my dad yesterday. telling us the BIG news. a really reallyyy good news . ehem. well guess what yooo, i have a nephew! say hello to the world little kiddo, Muhammad Danial. i haven't got the chance to see him yet, since they're in singapore right now. but next month perhaps :)

my sister is like super excited, she just loveeees babies. don't cha sis? haha.

Monday, October 19, 2009

This is The End Where I Begin

yesterday was okay, i had fun. aiman m was the first one who arrived with his friends, well not exactly the first person lah, haha. ashela and weyna came all the way from bangi, love you girlsss. including izzat, thanks for coming. luckily abg jaa didn't end up lost finding the way to my house by taking my sister's direction, lol. and playing uno card with the guys was hilarious. i couldn't help myself laughing everytime i hear the two amin boys says the word biru or merah since they were unable to pronounce the R sound, especially when they tried to pronounce Sarawak. lmao. it was fun having them around. tho ulul and aqim had a little trouble finding my house, and didn't arrive. lily and iqa couldn't make it due to their own reasons. don't worry, i ain't mad at you or anything :)

im out with my girls tomorrow ♥

Friday, October 16, 2009


meet sabrina

it was already 6 something by the time me and my sister had done finding some stuff at the market. i was suppose to meet ain today, but i couldn't make it (sorry ainnn). dad droped me off at sabrina's place, i was the only one there since everyone else just left. but i didn't mind, im just glad that i got the chance to meet sabrina again. i haven't met her in ages, seriously. she's been studying in sarawak for the past few years, so it was pretty hard for us to keep in touch and all. oh yeahh, and she just got her braces off this morning. lucky her! haha :) i feel like having braces for myself too one day, don't know why. lol. anyway, she's going back to sarawak this sunday. so i wish her the best of luck, and of course imma never forget you mate. i'll see you soon bree.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Done With This and That

Imma say it out loud.

PMR'S OVER! PMR'S OVER! yeep de doo dah :D now i can finally have a peace of mind. well not exactly. i still need to face my pmr result later. which i have no idea what will happen by then. but i did my best, and im gonna keep on praying.

aiman and myrul was somehow too over excited, i guess. they wanted to catch a movie at pavilion with their school uniforms still on -.- HAHA i was been drag along with them cause they wouldn't shut up until i agreed to come. with one condition of course, no school uniforms. thank god they obeyed :p

mum sent us to the train station. we watched sorority row. at first i thought it was a horror/ghost movie, but its actually more like murdering and stuff. and guess who end up covering their eyes with their hands? yes, Myrul don don. hahaha.