Monday, November 30, 2009

Stab Me Once, Stab Me Twice, And You're Dead

I woke up pretty late today, reallyyy late actually. If it hadn't been for my sister who woke me up around 6pm just now, I wouldn't even be awake until who know's when, zzz. Anyway, I just found out that even my sister has already watched New Moon, pft, no wonder she went missing in action yesterday.

Im stuck at home right now, so boriiing. Dad just left the house just now, I could have just followed him to sunway, but Noooooo -.- You didn't Tyka, sheeesh, why Tykaa whyyyy? Oh crap, Im talking to myself again. I should go, bye !

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Hey Honeyy Im Back, You Miss Me?

Hey. I haven't updated my blog for nearly a week now, I've been busy. Well not really that busy, but I just didn't have time lately. I watched 2012 last week, that movie freaks the hell out of me, seriously.

Im looking foward to watch New Moon soon, really soon :) maybe next week, cause I bet this week's tickets at most places are full booked anyway riiight, since everyone is trying so hard to get those movie tickets. But its no big deal for me, as long as I get to watch it, that's fine with me.

Last friday was very tiring. My family and I went to my cousin's place in Petaling Jaya, my aunt and uncle was there too, including adib. We ate lunch there, then we ended up at swensens for some dessert, yumm.
And went to Rockmount that night, watched my sister's friend performed. Adib and my sister was talking about Rock The World 9, and there this band search tour that his going to try out, I mean his band of course. So Imma probably go support him then.

Err, shela just texted me btw, saying that she just watched New Moon just now, and that I REALLY NEED TO WATCH IT. Dang, so okay fine, I guess that one text made me change my mind, its a big deal, and shela is absolutely right, I need to watch new moon. Nowww.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Fated To Pretend

I just got back from klcc with mum and my sister. We didn't actually plan of going out tho, but we just couldn't help it. Out of a sudden there was a black out at my place, not just ours, but the whole neighborhood. So we all got bored waiting for the power supply to turn back on, and went out. Dad went bowling, as usual, and as for us, we watched pisau cukur.

Mum bought this cute shoulder bag from nose the other day, Its kinda heavy but still nice. And guess what? mum decided to give it to me instead. Hihi, I love you mum.

1 day left until New Moon is out :)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Nothing Is Too Heavy To Those Who Have Wings

Today was great, really. I mean I had an amazing time just now. Myrul, era and aiman came over to my house this morning, then mum sent us to midvalley. We had this class banquet, and everything went well. My class teacher is moving to shah alam, which means she won't be teaching at my school next year. I'm soo gonna miss her, sobsob.

I met shela, weyna, afad and virginie a few hours later. They pretty much made my day, cause I miss them like hell yo,
hihi. We watched planet 51, the movie was alright. That rover robot was cute, lol. Oh talking about cuteee, I bet weyna is missing that 'comel' guy that we saw, HAHAHA shut up Tyka ;p

Mum came to midvalley afterward, we had dinner there * including my two sisters and brother in law. I just found out that eating with chopsticks is kinda hard, well its hard for me since I don't really know how to use it, sigh. Anyway, we went off to cineleisure, thought of watching 2012, but there were no seats left. Dang.

And here I am, just got home. Its nearly 1am, imma go watch death race on tv. No late night meals today! Altho I am hungryyyyy. Ish nnt weyna marah lagi, zzzz.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sitting Here On The Bed

Watshaaap yo,

I just got back from johor with mum the other day, spent two nights at my brother's. It was alright, at least I had the chance to see my baby nephew, danial. I did a little shopping with mum too, bought myself a new pair of skinnies, and a zipper front heels. Niceeee.

I actually went to
school yesterday. Hahaha. Yeah really, I did. Pretty shocking ey.
Well it was zi last day of school, and I did miss my schoolmates, so what the heck. Most of them gave me this same look, as if I've never come to school before. Uh huh. I guess it kinda make sense cause I've been skipping school for like a month now, lmao.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor

Its nearly 11pm, and mi tummy's growling like some insane bear. I haven't eaten anything yet since this morning. There was nothing on the kitchen table, since mum didn't cook anything yummy today, sigh. I guess I just have to make myself a cup of maggi later.

I'm having a hard time getting to sleep at nights, again. For example, last night, or would I just say today lah, I finally fell asleep around 6am. DUDE, i was already on my bed for like the past 4 hours before that kot? -.- It started a few weeks back, right after pmr just ended. Damn. Imma end up with eye bags and pimples all over my face if this is gonna keep on going.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Chaos Was What Killed The Dinosaurs, Darling.

Sunday was exhausting. Went off to sunway pretty early, since the game start at 1pm. Bowled for 8 games *not that I want to, but I had to. After the prize giving and all, I went shopping with liyana and her sister. Bought a few stuff. Met my sweetgum, isha. We didn't really get to hangout tho, cause she was with her boy. Ehem.

Anyway, I stayed there for 12 hours, yeah twelve freaking hours. Waited for dad, who was still bowling at 11pm last night. Jeez, i was
practically sleepy, zzz.

I would have rather stayed at home, watching dvds with zee yummy hot chocolate beside me while eating my homemade cookies. Lots of 'em.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Damn You Look Good And I'm Drunk

"I love you Tysonnn! You're my gay partner, but I ain't gay!"

Wonder who just said that? Haha yes, that's mirul. The guy who was screaming his lungs out in the crowd that night. He kept on repeating the words for like a couple of times, even when the AAR concert just ended. Lol. Trust me, last night was awesome. I had a great time.

Mum and I went to pavilion. She went to the saloon. As for me, I bought a few tops from forever 21, also a new pair of sandals and flats. Then my sister came to pick me up. Bukit Jalil was full of people by the time we arrived there. It was really hard to find my friends there last night, I guess most of them was already in the crowd and too busy to even realize that their phone was ringing -.-

Well luckily mirrul came looking for me, with two of his other friends, naz and mirul. They were sweating like pigs yo. We had lots of fun, singing along with AAR, screaming, bouncing up and down. Even my own sister was having fun more than I was. My bad for underestimated her, cause she really does know how to party, lol. Eyka, akmal, razman, aiman, hafiz (and the list goes on and on) was there too.

After the concert ended, my sister and I went to Bangkok Jazz, together with the two miruls and naz. Watched my sister's friend perform for a while. Then my sister went to pick up her beloved man. We hung out at AC. I was sent home around 4am. I guess mirrul and the guys was stuck at AC, since it was already 4 in the morning with no public transportation to get back home. So they had to crash over at my sister's place.