Thursday, December 31, 2009

Hoyeah, Bring It On

This is obviously my last post for 2009. Just a few minutes away from 2010 and yes, Im not going anywhere on New Year's Eve, cause I'd rather stay home with my family, watching tv with my yummy hot chocolate by my side, some mini marshmallows, my favorite blanket, pillows and yeah a few dvd's of course. Ahhh, peace and quiet, just the way I like it :)


Monday, December 28, 2009

Tag, You're It !

My weekend was okay. Ive kept myself busy, so I didnt really had time to blog. My mum and I had a decent bonding time last saturday, we were suppose to go jogging that morning, but in the end, we watched people jogging instead because I refused to step out of the car LOLOL lame, i know. Had our breakfast at mcdonald, yummy pancakes :)

In the afternoon, we went to pavilion, got our hair done, bought a jillian rouched tank, ruffle floral blouse, two different colors of sienna cardigan and a black ginger skirt from Cotton On. Bumped into a few old friends of mine, Eryn and Yaya. Mum bought herself a long sleeved top from Calvin Klein. Ate lunch at Island Bistro. Met up with Aiman, Razman, Syakib, Syafiq at Starbucks for a while, they went to see my mum before going to this sehati berdansa thing show or whtever it was, lol. Anyhoo, mum and I went to Sunway after that, my sister and her husband was there too. Watched two movies that night, Muallaf and Alvin & The Chipmunks 2. I loveee Theodore, so cute lah that little fella, hehe.

Woke up around 10 on Sunday morning, got ready then mum sent me to Eyka's place. She was still in her pajamas by the time I got there, so I had to wait for her, zz. Leyla came to pick us up, went to Napeey's older brother's wedding. We hanged out at Zab's place while waiting for Eyma to show up, which kinda took a while tho. Leyla's dad picked us up a few hours later, dropped me and Eyma off at my place. Then Napeey and Zab came over, played saidina, goofed around, yada yada yada, around 9 something Zab sent Napeey and Eyma back home.

I was about to climb back upstairs, but then Amirul surprisingly showed up in front of my house (again) with his annoying motorcycle and his friend, calling my name like an insane hooligan -.- It didnt took long for that silly boy to disappear, he was just dropping by to say hello, awwhh I know you miss me kan mirul? haha.

Anyway, Amirul is planning to transfer school next year, and he's kinda forcing me to transfer school with him too, haktuiiih -.- But who knows, maybe I might :) toodles

Friday, December 25, 2009

Let It Snow

"Its 5am and still no sign of Santa. I have 2 chimneys and a cat door?! I mean...sorry I didnt put out your milk and cookies you were getting FAT" -Katy Perry

Are you having a holly, jolly christmas? :)
I dont celebrate christmas, but to those who do,


Thursday, December 24, 2009

One More Thing To Stop Worrying About

I didnt sleep last night, I was too nervous, seriously. Got ready around 8 something, mum was ready before I did, haha semangat. She came along with me to school, but I asked her to just wait in the car, damn goose bumps. Met Iqa, Era, Iya and the others there. Kids were everywhere, waiting for the moment, the big moment.

After a half an hour waiting, I realized that the canteen was starting to get really crowded, so Era and I rushed there, yeah figured, my fella schoolmates started hugging, screaming with joy and most of them looked really happy. But at the same time, I was curious, where was my result? My classmates were starring at each other wondering the same thing. I heard the tears, the joy, the screaming all over again, but still, our class teacher didnt even show up yet, and most of the students from other classes already got their results, except for us. So we waited, and waited.

Finally, some teacher came to us with our results, Era took hers first and BAMM she screamed "8AAAAA! ", lucky girl. I grabbed mine, and starred at it for a few seconds, well I didnt fuckin scream thats for sure, but then at that moment, I smiled. If you're thinking that I just got straight A's, you're so damn wrong. Just like what I expected,
I got 5A's B's, not the most perfect result ever, but my result kinda fit with my two weeks of last minute studying. Yeah, I never actually studied that much before, I hardly even go to school, lol. So Im just glad and very thankful. I couldn't stop smiling, even my cheeks was starting to burn. Most of my friends got straight A's, and Im proud of them, especially Iqa :) and others too, they definitely deserve it.

Angah called me like nearly 10 times today, eventho I didnt get straight A's, she was still proud of me, and so was my mum. My brother, Alang texted me wishing congratulation right after mum told him about my result. The other sister of mine, on the other hand, was still sleeping by the time I got home, haha same old sister.

Im relieved that its all over now, I dont have to worry about it anymore. Alhamdulillah :)

PMR Results Annoucement

The countdown is finally over,

Good luck to all PMR candidates :)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Live Up High And Higher

Its 8 in the morning, and Im widee awake. Obviously, I still havent slept yet since last night because if I did, I wouldnt be here blogging, well would I? heh. I was having trouble breathing everytime I lay down, its really annoying, fak you fever.

I've been starring at this screen for like the past 10 minutes, until I finally figured something out, that...There is nothing to blog about :) My life has been basically dull these days, so youre just wasting your time reading this, mwah

Bosaaaaaaaaaan, bye.

Countdown babyyy,
2 freakeeen days

Monday, December 21, 2009

Gone But Forever In Our Hearts

Brittany Murphy was born on November 10th, 1977.
Starred in films such as 8 Mile, Clueless, Uptown Girls, Just Married and countless others.
The bubbly and free spirited actress has passed away yesterday after entering cardiac arrest.

"Brittany Murphy was an incredible ray of Light to so many people. Her smile was contagious. My prayers are with her family and loved ones."
- JessicaSimpson

"Hollywood loses another bright soul...How many more? A decade of decadence and devastation. Time to wake up."
- JoshGroban

"My deepest condolences go out to all Brittany Murphy loved ones & may she rest in peace. She was a great talent and beautiful soul. "
- LindsayLohan

"Today the world lost a little peace of sunshine. My deepest condolences go out to Brittany's family, her husband, and her amazing mother Sharon. See you on the other side kid."
- AshtonKutcher

Brittany was so talented and a good actress.
I still cant believe that she just died, she was only 32, sigh

May your soul rest in peace, pretty lady. We'll miss you.

(November 10, 1977 – December 20, 2009)

Sunday, December 20, 2009

My Heart's Pumpin, And Its Working Overtime

Yesterday was very tiring. I was too tired to even blog last night, I fell asleep around 10 something, and to me, that does considered early, lol. I woke up at 3pm after a very looong deep sleep, yeah, like I said, I was reallyyy tired.

I went out with mum and my sister, got my nails done while my mum was at the saloon. I waited for like an hour for my appointment, heh. I was starving like hell, and so was my sister. Met up with mum back at kl plaza and had our lunch somewhere in pavilion. It was weird, cause I felt as if I havent been there in ages, but then again, things there seems pretty much the same, LOL if you know what I mean.

Got a text from Iqa last night, she asked if I wanted to go to the zoo with her today, I actually thought it wasnt a bad idea at all because I love animals, really I do, and the last time I went to a zoo was probably 3 years ago, it was a school trip to Perak right after upsr ended, haha lama dah kan. But unlucky me, I was asleep before I could even reply either yes or no. Bummer. So I didnt tag along with her after all. While she was at the zoo, I was barely awake at home, sleeping my arse off.

Countdown babyyy,
5 freakeeen days
4 freakeeen days

Friday, December 18, 2009

Let's Break It Down, Down, Dowwnnn

I just woke up from my quick nap. I went to cm with mum and my sister this morning, mum bought the shirt that she was looking for, which took her hours to find it, zz. I thought I saw Kak Zati just now, yes Zati Kamilia, but its been ages since the last time I saw her, so I wasnt quite sure if it was her or someone else.

Which reminds me, its Fika's birthday tomorrow. Damn, I havent seen her for almost 5 months now. I miss her a lot. Fika is quite different from the others that I know, she's loud, she's fun and she has her own unique identity, she doesnt act or desperately try to be someone else that she's not, she's Fika, Syafikah Ahmad Mahir :) We were really close, and I still remember how I used to come over her house like nearly everyday and talk. Altho we fought more than I could even count, but hey, thats just normal. We laughed, we cried, and we shared secrets together, sounds corny but yeah, she was always there for me through thick or thin. She's still in Bahrain right now, and might be coming back here next year, cant waaait hihi.

Im going to Damansara later, so see ya !

Countdown babyyy,
6 freakeeen days

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Oh Craap

7 days to self destruct. SHITTTTTT -Rhyz

Likeee hell no, wasnt it suppose to be out on 28th November? Guess not :/

I do feel a little excited, I know I do. But really worried at the same time.

Countdown babyyy,
7 freakeeeng days

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Why So Serious

Mum was planning to go to cm(Central Market) this morning, but plan changed, we went to the saloon instead and got our hair done. I though of trying something different to my hair, so currently my hair is now curled down at the bottom, well just for today, hihi. My sister just got her hair rebounded, this is like her third time, and it wouldnt take long til her hair starts to change again, cause her hair is originally really, reaaally curly.

We ate lunch at tempayaki, baught movie tickets for 8 oclock show since it was the earliest movie and mum didnt want to get back home late. Bumped into my brother, Alang and his friends at dome, he'll be leaving to Bali next week for two weeks, so I guess he's going to celebrate his birthday and new year there, sigh. We watched Santau and it ended around9 something.

Awhhh, you just love me so much, dont chu girl? LOLOL its like you're trying so hard to be someone else
. Typical, duh.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Thats's Faithful, Although Blind

Its surprising that I slept before 4am last night, cause usually it took me hours to fall asleep. Anyway, Rhyz asked me to come to sunway, supposedly today, this afternoon, but I had to say no since dad was too lazy to send me anywhere further than..uh dunno, no where I guess.

It has been quite awhile since the last time I went to sunway pyramid. I find it awkward, cause for those who actually know me, they know how often I am at sunway, sometimes everynight. But that was way back then. I got tired of bowling, so I dont really find the point of going there anymore, except if I was rich and had lots of cash, then thats different story lah, I could go shopping there for hours and hours, who wouldn't want that, duh.

I have been watching a lot of videos on youtube lately, I think a bunch of people there, have major good talents, really, though I envy them sometimes. Take Alyssa Bernal for example, I absolutely love watching her videos since last year, she has a great voice, and she's very pretty too, which I bet most of you probably already know who she is right. Or how about Justin Bieber, he's 15 just like me, he started posting his homemade videos of him singing on youtube a few years back, but look at him now, he has his own manager, his own album, you can even see him on mtv these days, including wikipedia. Seems like most of the girls around the world is crushing on him, even the older ones too LOLOL now thats pretty bizzare, dont chu think.

Oh hold on, be right back..Okay Im back, sorry, I was out for awhile to buy some stuffs, and had dinner. Now, where was I? Mhmmm. Darn it. Tgk dah lupa dah, haih. I should have just posted this thing like two hours ago. Blaaahh.

Gossip Girl just started, got to go, bye.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Your Life, It Seems Extravagent

So hear I am, sitting in front of this screen, thinking, what am I doing here? I should be in bed right now. I couldn't sleep at all last night, seriously, I didn't get any sleep. I was on my bed for hours, but I just wont fucking fall asleep, so I went back online.

Sheeet, I just checked my balance, 5 jeeee? Padahal baru topup 10. What a waste, heh. I should have just canceled the caller ringtone beforeeee I top up, haih. Moving on, I just realized that there's only another 14 days left until the big day comes, yes Im talking about pmr results. Yesterday, Era texted me the scores for A, I mean the scores that you should achieve to get an A for each subjects, if you know what I mean. After reading it, I got worried, reaaally worried, and I still am :/

Anyway, there's this certain bitch person, which I know she's going to read this post sometime soon, but heck, could you like stop copying what I say/post? Seriously, Im not your fucking dictionary, stupid. Start using your own brain girl, its not that hard. Well that's if you even have one lahh :)

Im off to check if my sister's already awake, later.

Let It Shakeee

"If God wants you to be together in four or five years, it doesn't matter if one of you goes to the moon. You'll be back together"

I wonder why the network connection hates me so much, haih, speed up already will ya. I hate it when this happen, lembab mengalahkan kura kura do, zz.

Im not feeling very well today, nothing serious really, just a fever. Today was boring, I didnt go anywhere, spent half of my day sleeping, sleeping and sleeping. I wanted to use the computer earlier, but my brother was being such an annoying bitch, and I know he's going to read this, dont care, I hate chuu ;p

Did I mention that I cutted my bangs last week, with my own bare hands, not to short. Yeah I do that sometimes, when Im bored, and get so darn fed up with my hair. Im weird, I know.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

I Might Just Run And Hide

Im finally home, phew. Whaaaaat an exhausting day! my legs are killing me right now. I woke up around 8, mum wanted to drive there early, so we got ready, rushed to Abg Izuan's wedding in Shah Alam. Dad was lazy to go all the way back to Gombak, then back here, cause the second wedding was at Holiday Villa Hotel, Subang. So instead, we drove over to Angah's place (which is also in Subang), stayed there for a while.

Tonight's wedding starts at 9pm, so dad took a quick nap, and so did my brother. I watched a few dvd's with mum and my sisters.
Have you watched Orphan yet? well you should. I had no idea that the so called orphan girl was actually a 33 years old lady who looks like a child, and did I mention that she used to be a mental patient? Insaneee. Alien In The Attics was okay too, but I didnt get to finish watching The Perposal, cause it was already 8 o'clock, so we definitely had to get the move on. Apa niii tgk separuh je -.-

Anyway, Its already late, so I'll upload the photo later. Night.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

I Know You're Still There

The mission to start on jogging thing that I was talking about last night, was a major failure. Haha, I didnt even bother to wake up this morning. I fell asleep pretty late last night, so I kinda over slept.

Looks like my sister is pissed off about something, I dont know why, and dont wanna know, lol. Speaking of her, she finally found what she's going to wear for tomorrow, which reminds me, I have no clue what I'll be wearing. Ill figure it out later.

Im going to find some food downstairs, toodles.

Friday, December 11, 2009

I Love Eating, So Sue Me

I just got home from Sunway with my family. Went to my cousin's in Subang this afternoon, two different houses. Picked up my brother in law from work, waited for Angah and had dinner at Popeyes, yumm. My tummy is practically full right now, so there's no chance that Im gonna get hungry later.

Anyway, I've got to start on jogging, cause Im pretty aware that I've gained weight by sitting at home all day long, and now, Im starting to eat like a cow, macam Icky LOLOL, betul tak tipu, hihi :p I've been eating a lot lately, seriously, ALOT. So I dont wanna end up being FAT, do I? Im going to start with the jogging thing tomorrow, uhh, that's IF I can even wake up early in the morning lah. Then maybe Im going to kl in the afternoon, just to drop by the saloon to get my hair done. My sister is like dying to get her hair cut, her hair is ain't that long tho, but she wants to cut it shorter, literally short, short.

My sister is trying on some of mum's kebaya's that suits her, she's still trying to figure out what to wear for this Saturday. Two weddings in one day, what a niceee way to spend your weekend, heh -__- I dont even know why both of my sisters are somehow excited about it anyway, as if they were getting excited about going to their high school's prom night, which they are NOT in high school anymore, duh-uh. They're sooo gonna kill me if they read this, hahaha dont care.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

When All You Wanted Is To be Wanted

Listening to : Taylor Swift - Fifteen
Mood : Bored to death, zz

When you're fifteen and somebody tells you they love you
You're gonna believe them
And when you're fifteen feeling like there's nothing to figure out
Well, count to ten, take it in
This is life before you know who you're gonna be, fifteen

Cause When you're fifteen and somebody tells you they love you
You're gonna believe them
And when you're fifteen, don't forget to look before you fall
I've found time can heal most anything
And you just might find who you're supposed to be
I didn't know who I was supposed to be at fifteen

You're very first day
Take a deep breath girl
Take a deep breath as you walk through those doors.

Monday, December 7, 2009

You'll Be Back Here

I went to Johor last week, started bowling again, which most of you probably didn't know that I kinda stopped bowling for quite a while now, I was to busy with pmr, and didn't really had time to bowl. So that pretty much explains why I suck at bowling right now, pfht.

I miss my friends, I miss 2008, and I miss Fika *sigh. Hopefully, 2010 is going to turn out way better than this year.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

You And I Are Going To Live Forever

Im back from One Utama with mum and my oldest sister, we watched New Moon, finallyyy. Other than the fact that Taylor Lautner is super ripped and massive drool-worthy in the movie, I guess the movie was okaaay, it didn't really 'Whoaa' me like I expected. But I did like the werewolves scene the most, HIHI, hm I wonder why..Yeah, maybe because that's like the only part in the movie that I didn't know what was going to happen, heh. Everyone was already talking about the movie ever since the first day the movie showed, including most of my friends. And with my sister bragging (she even repeated most of the dialogs) about the movie right after she watched it last sunday, no wonder I felt nothing just now, its like I already saw what was coming (uhh Im starting to sound like Alice -.-) Smashing sister of mine, you spoiled the fun, thank you.

So anyway, I was reading Alisya's blog, 'Everyone said that Kristen Stewart sucked in New Moon, gotta agree with that', Sorry, but yeah I kinda have to agree with her too, even mum agreed. But hey, that's just my opinion, everyone has a different opinion right, so lets leave it to that and move on. Altho Im still trying to figure out where the hell is my Twilight dvd -_- Its been months, and I even almost forgot about it, the last time I remember, one of my classmate borrowed it, and then POOF.

This saturday is going to be Aiman's birthday, yes the silly big brother whom I miss a lot. He asked me to tag along this saturday, if I could, I would, but too bad I can't :/ Sorryyy. Like I said, I wont be here this weekend, my sister already made the room reservations, so Ill be leaving to Johor this friday, and I can't just decide to not go.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Boy, I Really Like You, But Im Not Going To Tell You.

I realize that without trust, everything falls apart. I keep on running, and hiding. But things aren't getting any better, and never will. Its just gonna get worst. I kept myself away, and sometimes, I even made them hate me so they would stay away, know why? Because I don't trust them anymore, again why? Go figure.

In another 40 years, I might just end up doomed to be one of those old ladies who lives alone with her three damn cats, who knows. But what I do know is that there's a reason for everything that I do or did, I don't just fucking act that way. They say Im mysterious cause I always keep things to myself, and some say Im just too complicated. Well maybe I am, or maybe Im not, or maybe you just don't know me at all.

So forgive me for being such a pain in a ass, but the thing is, you're the who made me this way. You should be happy, heh.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

You're The One Who Taught Me How.

Whoa, I cant believe it, its already December. Soon, Imma have to face my pmr results, soon as in another 27 days. Dammit, I didn't expect that time was going to fly this fast. But at the same time, I cant wait for 2009 to end and finally turn sixteen, cause so far what I see is, 2009 sucks.

I had a stupid fight with my oldest sister just now, she called me selfish, and it took me a minute to realize that I actually was being selfish. I felt really bad and apologized. She has sacrificed a lot for me, so I should return her the favor by going to Johor with her this weekend, err.. yes that was why we argued. Anyway, Im going to watch New Moon with her (again) tomorrow at One Utama. So if you see me, don't be afraid to say hi lah, I wont bite.

I don't know what's gone into Iya lately, Im seeing a lot of the word porn
in her blog, and its all over her post, which I think its kinda scaring me, haha. But, I have to agree with her about one thing tho, 'Im glad to hear that Atiqah Syairah is still alive, haha', yes very glad, LOL. She's been really quiet, and her blog seems very quiet too, where are you girl?