Sunday, August 22, 2010

Break The Walls

So when I thought I could actually get some rest this weekend, I was sooo wrong. I woke up each morning with the sound of some stupid renovation going on next door. They're making one hell of a loud noise alright. I dont think I can stand the noise any longer, the drilling and the knocking is really starting to piss me off -.- I could barely even hear what my sister is saying in this house.

Tomorrow's monday, and and and plus SCHOOL. This sucks. I feel so.. lazy. The fact that I have to face my results, which I'm sure its gonna be ugly. My chemistry and physics test was all crap, I left most of the questions blank. Seriously. Not to mention, I heard that 5 students in my class failed in Biology, which is shocking because none of us have failed in Biology before :/ I just dang hope that it isn't me.

Mum's watching Cahaya on youtube right now, and it kinda caught my eye. Lol. Imma go watch it with mum for awhile and stop worrying about school tomorrow, laterrr.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Smexy Berry

Wow, never thought that I'd be away this long :| Its been weeks since the last time I posted something here, almost a month to be precise. I guess having this blackberry is really useful after all :) At least I don't need to drag myself over here to this freakin dumb computer just to online anymore.

So a lot of things happened while I was away. Good things, and not-so-good things too. Im just so relieved that my exam is over, at least I can start sleeping at nights again, lol. No doubt that I'll fail though, because I didn't really study that hard this week, none of the topics that studied came out either, plus I haven't been paying attention in class lately. Nice kan.

Im still in my school uniform btw, so yeah I better get going. Toodles.