Saturday, March 12, 2011

Nothing's Perfect

After a long week of misery, early mornings and lack of sleep.. Its finally weekend. I only went to school for two days, but still had to wake up early in the morning for training. And to tell you the truth, it was not fun. Had a total meltdown. Yeah, wow. Didn't expect that to happen, but it did. Felt really down and I just couldn't stand the pressure anymore. Its like I'm stuck in this vicious circle feeling like a failure and I can't get out. Whatever. I think I'm feeling a little better today, I probably just need to clear my head and be more optimistic.

I'm sure all of you have heard about the massive earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Its insane and absolutely devastating. I had goosebumps since the news broke yesterday. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone in Japan and the other affected areas.

Let's pray for the world

Saturday, March 5, 2011


The last two weeks have been pretty hectic, had so much to do and a hell lot of stuff to be done with. I'm just glad that today's Saturday, I finally can chill and relax for a while. Did my oral presentation and chemistry quiz last week. As for the MSSD bowling, it was all right. Alhamdulillah. I'm super relieved that I got through for MSSS, which is two weeks away from now. This explains why I won't be around at school much this month.

So what worries me now is the fact that my march exam starts right after MSSS.

Oh. Crap.