Friday, December 23, 2011


I'm sure some of you may recognize these paintings, but if you don't then I'm happy to share this with you. These paintings were drawn and painted by the one and only Audrey Kawasaki who is a Los Angeles-based painter, I first saw her work on Tumblr and the more I see it, the more I tend to fall in love! I wish I could draw as good as her and be as creative as her one day. The style of drawing is amazing, it's unique and different. As you can see, her style is influenced by both manga comics and Art Nouveau. She once brought her painted girls on wood to her professors who she really admires, surprisingly they told her to stop and never to work like that again but I'm glad that she didn't. If you want to know more about her or see more of her fantastic work, you can check out her website or her online journal.

"I realized it's not about being envy about other people's abilities in art, it's about getting inspired by them and discover your eager to get better and most important, NEVER give up!" - K2

Thursday, December 22, 2011


It's 4 in the morning and I've no idea why I'm blogging during this time of the day, I don't even know why I'm still awake. Ah, insomnia sucks. Anyway, last night was fun. I went to this Aladdin The Musical at Sunway Lagoon Amphitheater. My sister got a pair of free tickets so I thought oh why not, and surprisingly it was actually really entertaining, I enjoyed every minute of it. They added some modern touch to the show which made it more interesting. No doubt the Aladdin guy has a really good singing voice, thumbs up to the director Chris Colby and I only need one word to describe the hip hop genie, hilarious. He was the most entertaining character in the musical. I would totally recommend  people to go watch it while you still can, the tickets are still available and it doesn't matter how old you are because you don't need to be a little kid to go watch this musical, just bring along your friends or family and just enjoy the performance.

“If I do marry, I want it to be for love.”

Saturday, December 10, 2011

I See You

Here are some of the drawings that I've done this week. Sorry about the bad image quality, used my brother's iPod instead because I couldn't find my camera at the moment. I don't know what's so special about eyes but I just love drawing it, pretty often. So, I decided to draw a realistic eye with the help of a tutorial from Mark. Mine is definitely not as great as his, but oh well, I tried. Practice makes it perfect right? The second picture that I drew is actually based on this picture from Tumblr. I know it doesn't look exactly like the girl in the picture, I made it my own style and it was a little hard to draw the exact same dress that she was wearing since she was sitting and her black polka dot dress was covered by her black long hair. I ain't no pro, I just love to draw, that's all :)

Anyway, I had this placement test this morning. I was super nervous, even my bestfriend was nervous along with me but thank God it all went well. I survived and the interview was ok. It's like I've known Simon for more than a day, lol. I'm just waiting for the classes to start in January and while I'm waiting, hopefully I'll be getting my driving license any time soon.

There's no chance that I would get a car anytime soon though..

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Faster Than My Bullet

So here I am, blogging. I've been exploring youtube every now and then ever since high school ended. No, I am not lifeless but I guess I have more free time now, more than I expected. So it's not often that I stumble across a talented guy on youtube and go completely gaga over him. Ok.. Actually, that happens quite often but I just don't brag about them on my blog often, lol. Most of the time, it would be dancers and choreographers like Nick DeMoura, Kyle Hanagami, Ian Eastwood, Brian Puspos, Chachi Gonzales, Shaun Evaristo and some other times I'd be replaying videos of people who can really sing like Sam Tsui, Christina Grimmie, Conor Maynard, Paulina, Jayme Dee, Tyler Ward, Tori Kelly, Megan & Liz, Boyce Avenue, Karmin and so much more. It's amazing how much talents these people on youtube have. Some of you may not be interested, but I don't care because I do and I find them very interesting either everyone else likes it or not.

If you're wondering who's the guy in this video, that's Tanner Patrick, another guy full of amazingness that I just discovered a few hours ago while I was searching for Pumped Up Kicks cover. I absolutely love his voice, plus his attractive green eyes and smile. He started posting videos on youtube a few months ago which pretty much explains why I just found him, but only in four months, he already has a total of over a million views on youtube and a lot of subscribers. He was in a band called Disco Curtis but now he's doing his own thing and he has a lot of the sound of pure talent coming to our ears soon. Cliche but true. I have no doubt that he's gonna go far, just wait for it.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Make It Happen

Despite all the bitter and bad moments that I've been through, I am still thankful and always will be in the future with everything that God gives me because I know He knows best and no matter what happen, either if it is good or bad, it will still be for my own good. The harder life is, the stronger I will be and when the stronger I am, the more courage I will have to face the world. I'm only 17 years old and I know I have a long way to go, a very long way to go. It saddens me to think that high school is finally over, I was actually the girl who used to say "I can't wait for high school to be over and done with!", but now that I'm here, I feel a bit sad instead. Some say that most people change when they leave high school. The people that I know now will be a whole different person and might hardly even be recognizable the next time I meet them. For some people, that is true. For me, I don't really know what to expect, I'm just looking forward to what's coming up next, like my college life.

Sometimes I remind my friends that no time is too early to plan something like your future, I guess maybe I should start using my own advice from now on, I need to keep reminding myself what are my targets so I don't end up drifting off my track, for my own good and for the sake of my own future because I only get one shot so I have to make it right. Either I want to become an architect or a doctor or anything, I need to work hard for it to achieve my dreams because miracles don't always happen and we can't just depend on luck. Like I said before, the future is unexpected and you will never know what might happen in the next couple of years. Trust me. I still remember the days when blackberry and apple were just fruits.. Well now, you know, famous technologies. Ten years ago, never did I expect that people were going to be sending text messages and snapping photos using a device called Blackberry. It was my favourite fruit, now it's my favourite device. Well, sort of. The fact that my phone is so annoying lately makes me want to have an Iphone 4S. Hehehe.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Keep Track of Time

Life is like a roller coaster ride, it's quite unpredictable. One moment you feel like you're on top of the world but the next thing you know, someone or something or even yourself tend to screw things up and you start to feel down all over again. If only life is as easy as abc, my future will definitely be full of constant happiness without any doubt, but everyone knows life is never really that simple. I'm the type of girl you lives for the present, but it's nerve-wracking when I start thinking about the future and the people that I will lose and gain a long the way. It's frightening and every time I hear someone mentions the word 'future', I get this mixed feelings of anxious, anticipation, stoked and afraid all at the same time and it never fails to give me goosebumps, every single time.

Meeting new people won't be a problem for me because I do love making new friends, who doesn't? but my current friends and family are just too precious to lose, these people are like diamonds in a rough to me and I can't imagine if I wake up one day knowing that either one of them are not by my side anymore. The feeling is indescribable. Sure, I've lost friends and gain friends before, but the loved ones that I have now is what matter the most. We all know that at some point people can change, distance starts to grow, then little by little they start to drift apart, as much as I don't want it to happen, that's just how life is and it happens to everyone on this planet, but that doesn't stop me from silently hoping and wishing that some things won't change and just remain the same.

There are also times when I ask myself, what will happen to me in the future? Where will I be 10 years from tomorrow? Will I be just like the girl from today? Will I succeed or will I fail? I never seem to know the answer. I mean some people might have already planned everything since they were little, they know exactly what they want and where they wanna be in 10 years from now, but sadly I'm not one of them. Well I was but then as I grew older, I realize that we don't always get what we want and not everything will turn out the way we wanted it be and that is when I became the type of girl who goes with the flow and to be honest, that worries me, a lot. The future is full of surprises and some will give you the shock of your life at the most unexpected time. I sure hope I won't get a massive heart attack by any of the upcoming surprises though.