Wednesday, February 1, 2012

You Can't Hurry Love

So I've once been told to learn to give and take chances just because I said I didn't have a boyfriend, and all I did was laugh. You know why? Because I gave chances and even took chances. Not once, not twice. But still things just didn't work out the way I hoped for, it was just not meant to be. I'm not saying that I've lost hope in love or I've stopped believing in chances. Depression is not even the reason why I'm writing this post right now. I'm just not in love and have no interest in rushing things at the moment. It's not always about the fear of getting myself hurt. I try to keep my distance because I'm afraid that I might end up hurting them instead. I know exactly how it feels, it would be really unfair to him.

Believe it or not guys, if you look around and pay more attention, not all the single ladies out there are miserable. I know I'm not. Even sometimes when I used the Forever Alone phrase, I wasn't dead serious about it. I like being independent and I'm doing just fine right now doing my own thing. Yes, the feeling when you're in love is indescribable but it doesn't mean you need to be in a relationship just to be happy because the love that you get almost every single day from your family and friends is already enough. Even though there are times you might feel a little lonely, that's normal. Lonely, not desperate ok. You can still be happy and enjoy your life even when you're single, unless you just went through a rough break up then I understand, it takes time to heal and get right back on track.

Remember, love is a very special thing, you can't rush that. Sometimes feelings grow slowly and some people fall in love at first sight. Different people, different soul mates, different ways. You should also avoid pushing or forcing someone to love you back, you might scare them off or annoy them. Anyway, I can't deny that I've a huge ego and I tend to shut people out sometimes, what I've been through in my past made me who I am today. One thing that I've learned over the past few years is that you don't need someone who doesn't need you. Keep that in mind. However, I do believe the walls I have built around myself can be broken down when the right guy comes. And before that happens, I'm not going to run around, feeling sorry for myself, accept a random guy I barely know and change my facebook status to "married" straight away *cough*.. Nope.

For now, I am stuck at home. Lol. I don't even know if any of this is making any sense to you but I hope it does. This is what happens when you spontaneously decided to write a post in your blog at 4 in the morning instead of sleeping.

"I’d love to have a soul mate, I'm sure God will give him to me someday when the time is right & I know it will be worth the wait" - Tori